At the State Fair this weekend.

Auckland, March 2014

A photo from my visit to the place where hobbits live, March 2014

Roadside near Waitomo Caves, North Island, March 2014

“The hardest thing to convey is how lovely it all is and how that loveliness seems all you need.”
— Adam Gopnik, Paris to the Moon

Campsites near the Wisconsin River, July 2014.

“When Henry is demonstrating the Earth revolving around the sun, he says the Earth makes a 1.3 million mile trip every year. Actually it is more like 585 million miles.”
Errors made by characters


I carried my beer back to the living room and roamed around looking at the walls. The place was bizarre. A young man and a woman were intertwined on a long burgundy leather couch talking about the pros and cons of raising chickens in their yard. Beside them on the floor, a young woman in a swimsuit with a towel draped around her shoulders was texting, saying to nobody in particular, “This is why I left Austin.” The intern appeared with a bottle of white wine and glasses for the group and, seeing me milling around, introduced me to the others as one of the residents, a novelist. More of a poet, I said. They were going to go outside and smoke a joint—although it seemed they had permission to smoke indoors—and wanted to know if I wanted to join them; I said I’d tag along, which wasn’t an expression I ever used.

— Ben Lerner, Specimen Days

On the lake at early morning, July 2014

At Silver Lake, July 2014